New Look Database

Ebsco has undergone a redesign, so have a look!

Here is the entry page, after clicking on the Ebsco logo on the Online Library page. Enter your library card number in the box.

It takes you to a selection of things to choose from, including info on books (Novelist), science articles (Science Reference Center) and health resources (Consumer Health Complete). Today we’ll pick the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre for some magazine and newspaper articles.

We will click on the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre link, since what we’re looking for isn’t related to business.

Look for this easy keyword search once you’re in!

Simply enter in what you’re looking for and hit ‘search’.

Here’s what the ANZ Reference Centre found – the most recent article listed from the top is from today (28th July) and there’s a few pictures for your perusal as well.

Happy Searching!