Don Tate, Vietnam veteran


On Wednesday August 12, controversial author and Vietnam veteran Don Tate will appear at the City of Fremantle Library bringing his own footage from the Vietnam War he shot as a young Infantryman back in 1969. He wrote the book “The War Within”, an autobiography encompassing his childhood in Ellen Grove, Queensland; and his  life changing experiences from the Vietnam War.

This special author presentation begins 2pm on Wednesday, August 12 at the  Fremantle City Library.

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  1. Hi Barry, thanks for your comment. I would like to add a statement from the publisher (Murdoch Books) of The War Within to Don Tate:

    Statement from Publisher

    As is the case with all reputable publishers working in the areas of autobiography and memoir, Murdoch Books goes to considerable effort to work with the author of each book, examining supporting documentation and obtaining legal advice on any contentious areas of the manuscript.

    The War Within was no exception to this. Wherever factual claims were being made by you, we checked those facts thoroughly, requesting considerable amounts of supporting data that you willingly supplied. The book was appropriately legalled and within the bounds of memoir, which of necessity must allow for events to be recorded as they are recollected by the writer, we remain confident of the authenticity of your book.

    I am sorry that this is now being called into question, but did want to clarify our position as the publisher, which is that we stand by the publishing process that preceded publication of your memoir, and we stand by your integrity as its author.

    Juliet Rogers
    Murdoch Books

  2. I am writing to you in regards to a visit by one Don Tate, author of a book called “The War Within” to numerous libraries with WA. Mr Tate has advised his itinerary in the email below. In the Vietnam Veteran Community we do have ex servicemen who state things as they believe they saw them, and in this case has put pen to paper.

    I suggest that you have a look at the web site Australian Veteran Matters at and locate the history of Mr Tate.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that other Veterans turn up at these presentations to front Mr Tate.

    I strongly believe that the information he will forward will be incorrect and give a distorted view of operation of the Australian Army in South Vietnam.

    For your information/action as required.

    Barry Hollitt

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