Did you know that you can search the Library Catalogue for useful websites? Use them when researching school projects or for general information!

Enter your search into the keyword box, and select ‘Website’ under the Search filters.

You will be presented with a list of links to choose from. Click on the ones that interest you, and the Catalogue will display more information and a description of the website:

Click the link and you will duly be delivered to the website!


3 thoughts on “Weblinks

  1. Last Saturday I was pretty surprised. Over a few weeks I have on occasions, maybe once or twice a week, come into the library, and found the West. I then carefully took out the puzzles and carefully folded into a suitable size. Then I took this and photo copied a puzzle (cost 20c), for use quietly at home. I then returned the page I had removed to the newspaper as I found it. No harm done.

    Saturday I found the library had stamped all over the puzzles. Well this really puzzles me. I had thought, apparently mistakenly, that libraries are there to maintain mental stimulation. Just now I overheard a program talking about the need for the elderly to keep mentally engaged. A lot of days I buy the newspaper but due to straightened circumstances, and a lack of real interest in what the West has to offer, it is an expense over a week.

    I suggest if this isn’t acceptable, maybe the library could start making puzzles available for us to use.

    Fremantle is surprisingly lacking in opportunities for mental stimulation for the elderly, eg scrabble, cards.

    My friends are pretty astonished too.

    Marion Blair

    • Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately not all puzzle fans are as honest as yourself, with regular occurrences of crossword puzzles being torn from papers, or the pages containing crosswords removed from the papers completely. Staff have tried a number of strategies to prevent this, including holding papers behind the service desk and requiring customers to request them, all to no avail. Stamping of the crosswords is an attempt to keep the papers intact so that theft is not an attractive option and the news on the reverse of the page, or indeed on the remainder of that page remains available for people to read.

      I have passed your comments about the lack of mental stimulation opportunities for the elderly in Fremantle to the City’s Positive Aging Coordinator who may be able to include this type of activity in forward planning for senior‘s services.

      • Hi Marion and everyone else following this blog. My name is Donna Turner. I work for the City of Fremantle in the Community Development Unit as the Positive Ageing officer.

        Marion, I invite you and any others interested to join us in the One Stop Shop on Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 2.30. We have games designed to stimulate mental activity as well as provide social interaction. At this stage we have scrabble and yahtzee but we would be pleased to hear of other suggestions.

        We can also provide you with a list of groups in Fremantle who meet to play scrabble, mahjong, bingo and other games.

        The One Stop Shop is open Mon-Fri 9am to 3pm. Entry is from Kings Square next to the Town Hall.
        ph 9432 9733

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