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Thursday Book Club

This is the discussion post for the Thursday Book Club’s Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. Please feel free to add your impressions and thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. Great Ma – Summary & Chair
    This was a wonderful novel, its depiction of crimes of passion, murder, and romance made for a fascinating read.
    The novel starts off in a contemporary London setting, at a funeral for Molly Lane. In attendance, along with family and friends are three men who were all Molly’s lovers at various times in her life.
    The funeral seems to be the catalyst for setting things in motion. Molly’s death has a profound effect on the men. Lives become complicated, and things begin to crumble. The portrayals of these characters provided for some great discussion on several points; including ethic and moral dilemmas.
    The author’s ability to bring characters to life and his descriptive talents ensured this book was a winner.

  2. Firstly I am so sorry I didnt make it to Thursday’s meeting. Unfortunately sometimes life comes up with these curved hand balls and I just don’t dodge them

    Having only read On Chisel Beach and now Amsterdam I find it hard to rate this book against all of his others.

    However here is my 10 cents worth (for what it’s worth)

    1. I found the plot confusing
    2. I loved McEwan’s writing style. I find his writing very lyrical, for me almost like poetry
    3. The only character that evoked any emotion in me was Molly. That emotion was probably envy. It’s not as though all of the men remembered her for her bedroom conquests. She almost seemed to be able to operate more like a man in terms of her relationships
    4. I found it very humorous that Clive and Vernon committed a double murder. After all it was Clive that got Vernon to agree to euthanasia if he were to be in the same predicament was Molly
    5. Fascinating that the artist was called Clive and that the writer/journalist/editor was called by the far more romantic name of Vernon
    6. Can’t say that I find “like” or “dislike” the characters a useful tool to judge a book as it is such a subjective judgment/assessment

    I’m really enjoying reading others feedback


  3. I didn’t like this book (see my email to the group). I haven’t read any of his other books and wasn’t inspired by this one to try any others but after seeing Di’s comment maybe I will. I found it all quite unbelievable, the characters were all unpleasant and I was glad it was so short and therefore I didn’t waste too much time on it! Definitely wouldn’t have given it a prize : (

  4. The ending was too predictable and the book itself very shallow. I’ve read most of McEwan’s books and found them very exciting to read, but this one, a disappointment to say the least.

  5. I loved the satire in this book, funny but lethal. I felt it portrayed a good reflection of our social times, especially in the corporate world. A well deserved booker prize winner.

  6. Our group had mixed feelings about this book. The consensus being it was a good read but perhaps not one of his best. Discussion points centred on, the plot, its exploration of human morality and the book’s cohesion.
    Rating: 3 stars

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