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Thursday Bookclub for March

The March book for the Thursday Book Club is Tim Winton’s Breath. The book club will meet to discuss on Thursday March 17 at 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm.

If you would like to join the Thursday Book Club, email or phone 9432 9766.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Bookclub for March

  1. While some members found the story sickening because of the abusive relationships between the four characters, others saw it as 2 young lads in a small boring town looking for excitement and the pursuits and situations they found themselves in because of their ‘dicing with death’ attitude. They egged each other on and became very competitive with ‘holding their breath’ activities although it was felt Loonie used Pikelet for his own ends throughout the story. Sando mentored these two lads to the point where they were skilled enough to deal with Old Smokey and Nautilaus but was trapped in his own need to ‘keep young’ which soiled their relationships somewhat. Eva was probably was the most destroyed and destructive character in the story abusing Pikelet’s youth for her own ends because she was unhappy that Sando has once again left her behind and ended up dying because she had miscalculated BREATH. Pikelet did redeem himself though and eventually pulled away from the toxic situation he found himself in and years later found himself enjoying surfing for the pure pleasure and beauty of the activity itself. Sando gave away his nomadic life and settled down to a responsible life when he found he was a father.

    The themes of breath, loneliness, jealousy, competition, lust and fame were discussed at length. guruDelish (chair)
    Rachael would be grateful if you can post this on the Thursday Bookclub notice board – Breath by Tim Winton.

    It was agreed that while many of the members did not ‘enjoy’ the book Tim Winton’s use of language drew them into the unfamiliar sport of surfing and the moods of the sea.

  2. I picked up “Breath” from the library in Lyttelton at 12.45 on Tuesday 22nd February. I have the ticket that confirms the time. I was just walking along to main street, heading for home when the earthquake struck. It was VERY noisy and very frightening as big chunks of masonry were falling off buildings and everyone was shouting, plus the actual quake is very loud itself. I was fine though and my little house is pretty good too. A few days later I went away in campervan to seek peace, hot water and flushing toilets and read “Breath” sitting by lake Tekapo. I really like Tim Winton’s style and have recently read and loved “Dirt Music” and “Cloudstreet” but I found this one rather disturbing. It was well written and the characters were all interesting but I couldn’t really empathise with the whole surfing and breath-holding underwater bit. I have quite a phobia of having my face under water and have been known to have a panic attack in the shower! My friend says I drowned in a previous life! So it wasn’t really my ideal book, probably not helped by my traumatised state as well. However I shall always remember this book and it will always be associated closely with the Christchurch earthquake for me. I hope others found it all less traumatic and look forward to reading your comments. Alison

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