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Tuesday Bookclub for March

The Tuesday Bookclub book for March is Jane Fonda’s My Life So Far. The bookclub will meet to discuss on Tuesday March 15, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm, but feel free to leave your comments in this post.

If you would like to join the Tuesday Bookclub, email or phone 9432 9766.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Bookclub for March

  1. We had mixed feelings on our book “My Life So Far” some were daunted by the sizeand found it a challengeto read, not all finished, some found it to be to self indulgent others found it informative in the historical and political sense. I think overall most enjoyed what they read and some found parts of her story very moving.

    • Though initially daunted by the size of this book I found it an easy and enjoyable read. The reminiscences of the era of Henry and Jane Fonda’s lives brought back memories for me of the various movies that I remembered seeing and the various actors mentioned. I admired the courage of Jane Fonda in revealing so much of her own personal struggles in the lifes journey which at times moved me to tears. Her voice as marrator came through strongly and powerfully allowing me to identify with her on many levels

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