Jane Eyre Morning Tea

Pictures from the special morning tea today, held to celebrate the new adaptation of Jane Eyre, opening on August 11th.

The staff all decked out in costumes thanks to Harbour Theatre and Melville Theatre Company. Harbour Theatre will also be staging Jane Eyre in December, keep an eye out for it!

Local author Marlish Glorie gave us a reading from the novel as well as a perspective on the times the novel was written in.

A look at the spread of morning tea with scones from Culleys.

Some ladies went to the special effort of dressing up.

Reading the works of the Bronte Sisters in Fremantle…


2 thoughts on “Jane Eyre Morning Tea

  1. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. What a charming idea! I wish our local library had done somthing similar when JE opened here in US in March.

    • Thanks Hina! The morning tea was lots of fun and we were surprising customers with our costumes for the rest of the day.

      I see we’re getting a few hits via the Bronte Blog

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