Happy National Year of Reading

Yesterday marked the opening of the National Year of Reading (NYR). To celebrate, we held a special event by the outdoor reading room in the shade of the trees in King’s Square, with authors, books and cake. This cake was specially prepared for us by Culleys.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit opened the NYR festivities.

Helen from Fremantle City Library introduced our authors and speakers

First was Susanna Iuliano, author of Fremantle’s Italians, who spoke about the porgram pairing up Melville students with native Italian speakers, which resulted in recording the oral histories of the Italian community in a book.

Heather Zubek spoke with Andrew Relph (author of Not drowning, reading published on Fremantle Press), who also brought up interesting theories of how reading affects the brain.

Thank you everyone for helping and attending this enjoyable event, and keep an eye out for future National Year of Reading events that we will be holding.