The book is dead

We have had a busy Library and Information Week, as well as Heritage Festival at the Library. First up was the great debate: “The Book is Dead, Long Live the Book” on Thursday 25th May.  Sherman Young, Deputy Head of the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural studies at Macquarie University, gave a presentation on the subject, on which he has written a book of the same name.

The book is not dead! Just a sketch in Monty Python.

Our panel for the night, to further ponder upon this statement, was Professor Niall Lucy, co-director of the Centre for Culture & Technology, Curtin University; Clive Newman (Sales, Rights, Distribution and Marketing Manager for Fremantle Press); and Ann Zubrik, Fremantle City Library’s reader representative.

Thank you to Sherman Young, Niall Lucy, Clive Newman, Ann Zubrik, and Fremantle Library staff for a great night and organising this National Year of Reading event which was also held in conjunction with the City of Melville and City of Rockingham.