The pleasures of reading – part 2

Continuing our reading fest (see the Amanda Curtin event wrapup for even more recommended books), we bring you a list of even more books recommended by Amanda and the readers at the event. Perhaps you’d like to include them in your summer reading or use them for your next bookclub?

What books have you read and would like to recommend to others?

Titles are in author and title order:

Gail Jones – Sixty lights

Anna Funder – All that I am

Chris Cleave – Incendiary

Annie Proulx – The shipping news

Patrick Süskind – Perfume

Cate Kennedy – Like a house on fire (short fiction)

Sterling Seagrave – The Soong Dynasty

Elliot Perlman – The Street Sweeper

Andrew Kaufman – The Waterproof Bible

Simone  Lazaroo – Sustenance

Henning Mankell – Italian Shoes

Uday Prakash – The Walls of Dehli

F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

Hillary Mantell – Bring up the Bodies