Ray Glickman’s novel ‘Reality’ is “compelling, thought-provoking and darkly funny”


Ray Glickman’s darkly entertaining first novel, ‘Reality’, published by the Fremantle Press, is on the surface, a punchy, in your face, thriller set in and around Fremantle. At its core, ‘Reality’ examines the concept of personal responsibility and compels readers to examine their own motives and behaviours.

Thursday 26 February 2015
12:30pm – 1:30pm

Book online or call 9432 9766.

‘… compelling, thought -provoking and darkly funny.’ Subiaco Post

‘… Glickman crafts an ensemble of varied and distinct characters for his lucky six, but his greatest trick is making the reader complicit in the Master Plan of his narrator — while you know full well that this expert manipulator is a high-functioning sociopath you ought to loathe, you’ll be just as keen as he is to see how his plan pans out.’ Scoop Magazine

‘Glickman’s debut novel shows us how psychologically the
human species is so vulnerable to manipulation, and how easily we can succumb to our own egocentric and emotional indulgences.’ Launceston Examiner

About the author
Ray Glickman holds Masters degrees in Business, Applied Social Studies, and Psychology and Philosophy. He was the CEO of the City of Fremantle for nine years and president of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce for three.
Ray has a background in psychology and social work as well as leadership and management. He has been a lifelong student of what makes people tick as individuals and in groups.
Ray has spoken at numerous conferences around Australia for many years on a variety of subjects.
Reality is his first novel.