Book launch – Carousel by Brendan Ritchie

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A unique debut novel from Fremantle writer and filmmaker Brendan Ritchie will be released in a unique setting later this month.

Carousel, a YA novel about the almost-end of the world, will be launched at Fremantle’s MANY 6160, a three-floor former department store which is now a thriving hub of retailers, designers and innovators.

Carousel tells the story of arts graduate Nox, indie rock stars Lizzy and Taylor, and retail worker Rocky. Inexplicably trapped in a giant shopping centre with everything they need – except a way out – the unlikely quartet make new lives between the aisles of the many abandoned stores.

Brendan said he was looking forward to having the launch in a space as fitting as MANY 6160.

‘I’m thrilled to be launching my first novel in MANY. As an ex-shopping centre reclaimed by creativity, the parallels to Carousel are brilliant,’ said Brendan.

‘It’s an iconic Fremantle building and the perfect place to send Carousel out into the world,’ said Brendan.

Paying homage to the likes of Haruki Murakami, with plenty of pop culture references, a surreal setting and sinister undercurrents at every corner, Carousel is a gripping read from a talented new voice.

Carousel will be launched at Fremantle City Library‘s Reading Room at 4 pm on 23 May at MANY 6160 in Fremantle. Entry is free.

RSVP to or 08 9430 6331.