Local History

2016 Fremantle Local History Award winners


Award winners of the 2016 Fremantle Local History Awards were recently announced at an event on the 2nd of June. Copies of the award winners are available to view at the Fremantle History Centre.

As part of the 2016 Fremantle Heritage Festival, the entries and results are as follows:

Category Author Title Result
Liana Christiansen Landscape Manifest
Fremantle History Society Fremantle Studies 7
Andrew Pittaway Fremantle voices of the great war: a history of Fremantle people who served in the Great War of 1914-1919. 1st
Baden Pratt / Round House Press George!
Michael Sturma Fremantle’s Submarines: How Allied Submariners and Western Australians Helped to Win the War in the Pacific Equal 2nd
Deborah Gare and Madison Lloyd-Jones When war came to Fremantle, 1899 to 1945 Equal 2nd
Deborah Gare and Jane Davis The Fremantle Workers Social and Workers Club 1914-2014
Les Everett Fremantle Dockers : an illustrated history
Bob Reece The Invincibles: New Norcia’s Aboriginal Cricketers 1879 -1906
Nandi Chinna Clontarf Hill History 1st
Victor Paino Salvatore Paino 2nd
Fremantle Heart Patients Support Group The Power of One – plus a few more
Jenny Gaunt Federation Song
Ashlea Reale Hold on to your horse
Ashlea Reale Swan River
Ashlea Reale The bride ships
Tania Wimmer The Ballroom photography book 2nd
Peter Vinci Fremantle’s Family Cook Book 1st
Ross Potter As Is

About the Fremantle Local History Awards

Nominations for the local history awards are open biennially to recognise historiographical contributions in the form of published and unpublished works including photographs, pictorial works, drawings, maps, audio or audio visual material, that focus on the diverse social and cultural heritage of Fremantle and the Town of East Fremantle.

This event celebrates the valuable contributions made to Fremantle’s story and those individuals working hard to present and preserve them. Each submission is viewed by three independent judges with a first place prize of $500 available to the winner in each of the three categories.