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It’s census time


Tonight (Tuesday 9 August 2016 ) is census night. You have a few weeks to submit your census, but the form should be filled in for the household as it was on the night of 9 August 2016.

From the census website:

“From 1 August, households will receive a letter from the ABS with a unique online login code for completing the Census online and information on how to order a paper form.
…On August 9 go to and login using your unique code.”

To order a paper form: “call the Census Paper Form Request Line on 1300 820 275 to order a paper form. Complete the Census fully and accurately and submit your online form as soon as you’re finished. Complete the Census fully and accurately and return the form as soon as possible via the enclosed Reply Paid envelope.”

There are public computers available at the library for no cost to enter your census online, as well as free wifi in the building. Please enquire at the service desk if you need more details or assistance.